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Blake Jr. Brislin, Jr. Brooks Derek Brooks Jeffrey W. Luke Cannell Kenneth Canterbury Jr. Carter, Sr. Antonio Ciccarelli Christopher J.

EARLY Santa Clara County Marriages Index — C

Cincurak Michael A. Cincola Philip H. Conner Kenneth W. Cook Jr. Cowens Sr. Decker Jr. Eckert Jr.

In the Holy Land 2: Marriage Needs Three: Homily by Fr John Seddon OSB. A Day With Mary

Flynn, Jr. Fritz Leonard Fromm Harry F. Gagne Delores W. Natalie M. Glover jr. Gore Arshile Gorky Shawn M. Gray Jr. Elmer Thomas Gove, Sr. Griffin William Griffin William F. Groves, Jr. Hofmeister Christian L. Jeffrey Scott Jones Jami G. Koeth Daniel A.

Children in State Based Care

Keoth John A. La Follette, Jr. Jeral Lambert, Jr. Lawrence Kenneth P. Leick II Carolyn E. David W. Lopez Jose Lopez Jose R. Martin Robin Richard Martin R. Mattingly Ben Mattiske David W. Mullin Michael R. Murphy Robert Murphy Brett W. Murray Chad Murray Daniel W. Nelson Don F.

Olsen Stephen Olsick D. Peloquin, Jr.

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Piotrowski Greg Brian Piper H. Benny A. Poe, Jr. Rabe Paul J. Reed Jr. Regan, Jr. Robert Rehl, Jr. Sargent, Jr.

South Australian births, deaths and marriages before civil registration

Larry Millan Bucky Sellars Jr. Smith Jeffrey R Smith Jr. Snider Shawn Snoke Robert M. Snow Bobby Snyder Kevin D. Don Soetaert Anthony Soldano Jr.

Stachum Gary Michael Stacks, Jr. Steele Victor A. Still Sr. Tederous Arthur Teele Jr. Tomkinson Sue M. Neither was married before: the father of Alfred Garcia was born in Mexico and his mother in this California.

SCCHGS Marriages C

Both parents of Fidel Carillo were born in Mexico. Neither party ever before married. Parents of both parties forn in US of America. JM Newell Officiating Minister.

Neither of the parties was ever married. The parents of both parties were born in this California. The parents of both parteyes were born in this California Moises Castro was married before to Maria Bernal who is dead. Delfina Narvaez was never married before. Neither party was ever married before the parents of both parties were born in California.