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Take sneak peek over the timeline of prominent automobile inventions:. It is basically a 3-wheeled military tractor. Karl Benz motorcar was the first modern and patented automobile of the world.

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Benz even patented the spark plugs design, throttle system, water radiator model, gear shifters, carburetor and other parts of the automobile. Eventually, Benz started an automobile company that still exists as the Daimler Group.

It was basically a 2-seater car with high speed single cylinder 2-stroke engine installed on the tabular steel frame, and 3 wires spoke wheels. In the year , the Benz upgraded the car.

It is the first recorded long distance journey of the automobile history. Latest Stories.

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Automobile September 8, Tagged with : automotive news , first car , History of Automobiles , Leonardo da Vinci , old cars. Look back on over a century of history. Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz When Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz invented the high-speed engine and the automobile independently of each other in the s, they laid the foundations for motorised private transport.

With the help of financial backers and partners, both engineers carried out private development work at their own companies. Both companies wanted to come up with a memorable trademark to make their products both distinctive and familiar. Initially they opted for their own names — Benz and Daimler — to represent the origins and quality of their engines and vehicles. However, the products of DMG appeared under the new brand name Mercedes at the turn of the century.

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The number of company employees grew rapidly to 25 and licences for building gas engines were issued. Financially secure, Benz could now focus all his energy on car engine development. To do so he began with the design of an all-encompassing vehicle in which to integrate his four-stroke petrol engine. His competitor Daimler on the other hand integrated his first engine in a carriage.

Three versions of the three-wheeled vehicle were produced between and model no.

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Rheinische Gasmotoren-Fabrik to move to a larger production facility. In , Karl Benz introduced axle-pivot steering to the automotive industry. It confirmed the approval for Daimler-related inventions. Together with Wilhelm Maybach he devoted himself to further developing the car in the decommissioned garden hall of Hotel Hermann in Cannstatt.

The first truck in the world was built in by DMG. The vehicle was delivered to the UK. In , DMG and Jellinek concluded an agreement in Nice concerning the sale and distribution of Daimler cars and engines.

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It was also agreed that "a new type of engine would be developed and that it was to bear the name Daimler-Mercedes". That same month, in April, Jellinek ordered 36 vehicles from Cannstatt for a total price of , gold marks. His successor as head of the design office and technical direction was Paul Daimler. The difficult economic situation and a large number of car manufacturers on the market made partnerships a necessity.

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In the companies of Daimler and Benz were already working together in a joint venture which offered cars under the name of "Mercedes-Benz". The magic moments of a legend In early April , DMG and Jellinek concluded an agreement concerning the sale and distribution of Daimler cars and engines. On 22 December , the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft delivered to Jellinek the first car equipped with a new engine — a 35 hp racing car. The vehicle was far above and beyond the vehicles previously designed and built by DMB and ended the "coach" era in automotive construction.