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Cuomo continues his push to address the gender pay gap in New York. In January , the Governor signed two Executive Orders taking aim at the use of salary history to set wages for state employees and employees of state contractors:.

New York City Enacts Salary History Ban Law

In particular, Executive Order , which took effect in June , requires state contractors to provide job title and salary data for each employee working on a state contract, or the job titles and salaries of all contractor employees if the contractor cannot identify the specific employees working directly on the contract. State contractors can learn more about their salary reporting obligations under Executive Order here. Based on the April report from the Department of Labor, the Governor is supporting legislation to expand the salary history inquiry ban to private employers.

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Significantly, the Report recommends passage salary history ban that:. In addition, bar employers from searching public records to discover this information. John F. Ferries Passenger Cruise Ships. The following table summarizes wage payments made in calendar year from January 1 st to June 30 th.

New York State Enacts Stricter Pay Equity Law and Bans Salary History Inquiries

This is the third report to be issued since twelve collective bargaining agreements, covering approximately 4, Port Authority union-represented employees, were successfully renegotiated. At the beginning of , every collective bargaining agreement at the Port Authority had long ago expired. These agreements had been expired for a minimum of six to as many as twelve years.

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  5. The consequence of this untenable situation was that every one of the approximately 5, Port Authority and PATH union-represented workers had not received any annual general wage increase for six to twelve years. Under the new agreements, each current Port Authority union-represented employee will receive retroactive raises for each year during which their collective bargaining agreement was expired.

    In addition, certain unions had been out of contract for more than years, extending back to periods prior to Accordingly, the Port Authority agreed to pay each employee, in addition to the pay received for their work in , pro-rated lump sum retroactive payments to reflect back pay due under the new agreements. Some of the retroactive payments were paid in the fourth quarter of , some will be paid before the end of , and the remainder will be paid in The Port Authority recognizes these wages that are now being paid in lump sum retroactive payments should have been paid to workers during the years when they were due.

    SeeThroughNY – Salary Information for New York City and State Employees | Journalism Library Blog

    The Port Authority further recognizes that the delay of up to twelve years in paying employees those general wage increases does not measure up to the standard of just and fair treatment of employees to which the Agency aspires. The new collective bargaining agreements now enable wages and raises to be paid on a timely basis. In addition, as part of the new agreements, the health care benefit plan for union represented employees has been substantially restructured. Among other changes, the Port Authority has transitioned from a plan under which employees made no contributions to the cost of their health care coverage, to a plan in which employees will contribute.

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