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Try them first, call and ask. The ladies there are wonderful. I have made phone calls, etc. That means that if you were treated in a hospital when you were 7, and are thirty years old now, you will have one heck of a hard time finding those records from the hospital itself. I came across this thread when I was trying to find info on two of my relatives that were in Overbrook, so I figured that I'd reply in case other people were looking for the same info.

If you think that the person died there, you can contact the Township of Cedar Grove to get the death certificate. It takes about weeks to get it.

Overbrook Asylum For The Insane: Photos And Letters From The Edge

Hi All. We tried to get similar records from another NJ State Hospital while trying to get information that could help with the diagnosis of a possibly genetic disease that may exist in my family line. We were told that: 1 records are private, so unless you are next of kin of a deceased or have a court order, you can't get them and 2 they shred old records.

My people were there in the s and s, and I was told that the records are gone now. We were able to get death certificates, which told residence at death the hospital , cause of death, and place of burial. Not much else of use there.

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Hope you have better luck! It didn't tell me much. As I did more research though I learned that there were rooms and rooms in the abandoned hospital of records on every patient that people were going in and exploring and making videos of, etc The saddest part is I suspect when they tore this place down recently they probably just chucked it all, not even considering all of the lives recorded and the families who may come looking for them some day.

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They named another son William. He was born in , but died in George Andrew, who sailed with the family from Ireland would also die in Ellen was named for her mother. Born in , she would die in By their ten-year anniversary in America, they had lost six children and had only two children still alive. Joseph who was born in Ireland was 16 and Benjamin C who was born in Newark in was six years old. In the next four years, however, they would have two daughters who would also live to adulthood.

Elizabeth was born in and Margaret was born in Joseph would become a janitor there where he would work the remainder of his working life. The Burnet Street School was … and schooled about students. Joseph and Ellen would live in the heart of Newark their entire lives See map. In , they lived on Morris and Essex Railroad Avenue very near the center of the city. In , their son Joseph married Charlotte Minerva Smith. They were married in the St.

In , their daughter Elizabeth was also married in an Episcopal Church, though in a different location. The wedding was performed by William D. Stevens, Rector. A new Broad street station was built on the West side of Broad Street in … Westinghouse factory was built next …. In , Joseph went to Chicago. He was kicked in the left temple, knocked senseless, and it is feared that the consequences may prove fatal.

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When Joseph retired from being a Janitor is not clear. But on his death certificate he claims that he occupation was janitor of the Burnet Street School. In he developed chronic interstitial nephritis. On 15 February Joseph suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

He died three days later, just eleven months short of their 50 th wedding anniversary. What follows is a chronicle of sorts, split into nine separate parts, and spanning the years to Our own history with the asylum began in early We were driving through Essex County, New Jersey and by pure happenstance ended up traveling directly past a massive sprawling complex of buildings. It seemed to go on forever, encompassing both sides of the roadway. Our first impressions were that the facility was long abandoned, so we immediately turned around to investigate the place closer.

Finding a pot-hole covered access road we made our way to the inner campus and parked away from the eyes of passing motorists.

Overbrook Insane Asylum

With little effort, we came upon an open door and crossed the threshold. Greeting us in the day-room which we had entered was a scene from some night terror come to life. In a dim corner, perched upon a dry-rotted vinyl chair caked with dust and flakes of peeled paint, sat a headless body. The fight-or-flight urge was immediate. Yet, we were able to overcome it, and quickly the feelings of shock and dread subsided. Closer investigation revealed the headless form to be an old CPR dummy, its faceless head lay upon on the floor next to it.

As we ventured beyond that eerie dayroom, we were in awe of what we found - The place was clearly some kind of hospital, that much was made obvious by the countless beds, large common-rooms, and various offices. The deteriorating hallways stretched on for what seemed like forever in all directions.

Overbrook Abandon Mental Asylum Intro

We knew precious little about what we were seeing before us, but regardless it pulsed with a significance we had not yet experienced. We decided to film. It was here that we took our first, admittedly shaky, steps toward documenting a place with purpose. Not only were we without a tripod for our camera, which was just 6 megapixels at the time, this was also our very first foray into the realm of video. In our initial time upon that campus we simply captured what we could, however we could.

This floodgate of information also taught us much about the evolution of psychiatric medicine, both in practice and in pharmaceutical development, which eventually led to deinstitutionalization on a national level. All of this newly found knowledge was spring-boarded by the most unlikely of things - An abandoned asylum on the side of the road.

One which many people likely ignored as they drove past on a daily basis.

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To think upon the countless tales hidden in those walls, and how all of them were completely unknown to us until we stumbled upon the old hospital, put a lot into perspective for us. If we had to pinpoint one singular moment that came to define our work, it would be that very moment of realization.

How many great stories have been lost beyond the grime and dust, left to fade away into the void of time? For all we remember, how much have we forgotten? Even in the deepest silence of the most deserted of places, antiquity is all around you, omnipresent, echoing outward infinitely.

Whether you choose to listen for it or not is inconsequential, as it persists nonetheless.

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Entering this place it feels less a hospital complex, and more a winding labyrinth of dirty red brick and chipping mortar. The sheer scale of the grounds is difficult to communicate in text or photo. One's imagination suggests the sense of having left the familiar world behind for something altogether separate, and in many ways you have. Serpentine lengths of brick adorned with copper flashing and ornate dormer windows expand outward for what seems to be forever in all directions.

Every angle of the corridor reveals another bend, or stairwell, or row of doorways, and every room has a story to tell.

Overbrook is more than just a discarded shell or out-dated facility - It is a testament to the massive strides in healthcare and basic human rights made during recent decades, and a crumbling monument to those who toiled, suffered and died before they became a reality. Overbrook opened in , and was built many ways to be Essex County's local answer to the neighboring Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital which once stood in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Its purpose was to house and care for the mentally, and in some cases physically, handicapped residents of the county. Once completed the campus had over a dozen buildings on its 90 acres, most of them connected via miles of subterranean tunnels running under the grounds. The hospital operated for over a century, and there were no shortage of hardships faced during that time. One of the most infamous events occurred in the winter of , when the asylum's boiler broke down leaving the inhabitant's without heat for twenty days.

During that span, twenty-four people lost their lives to the cold, many freezing to death in their beds. Also, like many such institutions of the day, during the great depression large numbers of homeless found refuge here, but over-crowding and heavily rationed food made living conditions very poor. Following World War II there was also a large influx of patients suffering from 'shell shock' and post-traumatic stress, issues which the overburdened facility was hard-pressed to properly treat.

Accounts of neglect, starvation, escapes, and suicides were reported.