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He and Dora are proud of their 63 years of marriage and remain active within their community and church with Dora serving the local senior center and Ted works part time in an addiction center. Ted was honorably discharged after serving with the US Army Reserves and has been employed in a variety of occupations from steel mills, retail sales, gas and oil and the PA Department of Corrections. Always active within the Indiana County Republican Committee and serving as a past secretary, Ted looks forward to the challenge of serving in the position of Vice Chair.

They have three grown sons and a grandson. Her role within the Committee has been especially dedicated to special event organization. Her years working with the Senator and constituents, sparred her interest in politics and the importance of a role in local involvement and grass roots activity.

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Sandi enjoys working campaigns for Republican candidates, home remodeling and landscaping projects and the company of her Westie, Lizzie. During her studies, McCullough was proud to receive the Patrick J. Stapleton Scholarship. With the hunger for knowledge, McCullough continued her education, with a graduate assistanceship, at Indiana University of Pennsylvania earning her Master Degree in Public Administration with concentrations in State and Local Government Management along with Human Resource Management.

The Anne Anstine Excellence in Public Service prepares Republican women to be leaders in government, politics, and in the community.

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Kimberly has participated in the Pennsylvania Rural-Urban Leadership Program RULE which encourages and fosters the development of adult community leaders from all segments of Pennsylvania. RULE explores public issue engagement, interorganizational networking, effective public decision making, strategic design, and sustainable relationships. Kimberly was one of 26 individuals chosen to be part of the RULE program. Jesse Daniel is an Indiana County native.

Immediately thereafter he gained acceptance to the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, during which he interned with the Honorable Lester G.

How to Obtain a Marriage License in PA

He obtained a Juris Doctor in , and was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar that same year. Attorney Daniel has a general civil practice that handles real estate transactions, estate and trust planning and administration, and civil litigation, but he specializes in the areas of gas, oil, coal and mineral law, and election law, drawing upon legal work he has done in Washington, D.

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Here are some easy steps to follow: Make sure that you and your significant other meet the age requirements to get married in Pennsylvania. In order to get married in Pennsylvania, you and your significant other must be at least 18 years-old with a government-issued photo ID as evidence of age, or follow the procedures for an underage marriage. It is legal to get married in PA if you are 16 or 17 years old, but parental consent is required before a marriage license can be issued. If either party is under 16, parental consent is required, along with an order of approval from a judge of the Orphans Court.

Gather all required documents before you apply for your marriage license. In addition to a government issued photo ID, there are several other documents that you may need depending on your situation. You need two forms of ID. The first is a current and valid form of photo identification.

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The second is either your social security card or an official document that contains your social security number like a W-2, tax forms, etc. Other things to you need to know: Both parties must also provide evidence that any prior marriages have been legally ended through divorce, annulment or death. The bride and groom may not be legally married to any other individual at the time of application.

This documentation could be an official divorce decree, annulment decree or death certificate. Same sex marriage is legal in Pennsylvania as of May 20, If you or your significant other is a foreign national, you must present a valid and unexpired passport at the time you apply for the license.?

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If one of the applicants does not speak English, a 3rd party translator who is at least 18 years old must be present at the time of the application. Applicants are not allowed to translate for each other. First cousins who are blood relatives are not eligible to get married under the laws of PA. You can apply for a marriage license in any county and have it made official in any county. This makes it much easier if you plan to have your ceremony in another part of the state.

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Your marriage license cannot be made official outside of Pennsylvania, though! If you want to get married outside of the Pennsylvania state lines, you will need to contact that state and see what kind of laws they have for marriage licenses. Plan to submit your marriage license application at least three days before your wedding.

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Most Pennsylvania counties require a hour waiting period following the date of the most recent application. Check with your local office of vital statistics for specific application deadlines and estimated processing time. Visit your county courthouse or district justice office to complete and submit the marriage license application.